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        0086 0563 4309002

        ABOUT US

        Anhui Qasim Grinding Ball Group


        total investment·Hundred million


        built-up area·㎡


        Advanced equipment· stand


        Annual output·10000 tons


        Headquartered In Heli Park, Ningguo Economic And Technological Development Zone, A Large Production Base Of Wear-Resistant Materials In Asia, Anhui Qasim Grinding Ball Group Co.,Ltd(the original name was Anhui NingGuoshi XinGaoxin steel lining Co.,ltd )is a Class II Enterprise Of Ningguo Wear-Resistant Materials Association Specializing In The Production Of High And Low Chromium Energy-Saving Grinding Ball Forging, Alloy Casting Ball Forging, Multielement Alloyed Ball Mill Liner, Casting Forging, Multi Alloy Steel Lining Plate And Complete Sets Of Steel Ball Equipment Enterprises Listed On The Science And Innovation Board (Securities Code: 630603) And Top Ten Enterprises In The Capital Of Wear-Resistant Castings In China.

        Anhui Qasim Grinding Ball Group Co.,Ltd. Covers An Area Of 40,000 Square Meters Enterprises, Registered Capital Of 50 Million Yuan, 100 Million Yuan In Fixed Assets, With The Administration And Staff Of 250 People.

        The Company Has One Of The Most Advanced (Host German Import) Automatic Dual Extrusion Type DISA Production Line, Two Of The Most Advanced Automatic Iron Coated Sand Mold Casting Ball Production Line, Three Advanced Automatic High Chrome Ball Quenching And Heat Treatment Oil Mist Quenching Production Line And Other Detection Equipment More Than 20 Units Have Been Sold With The Production Of "GaoSheng" Brand Products 30,000 Tons Ball Equipment Ten Thousand (Sets), The Annual Sales Exceeded 200 Million. Products Throughout The Country And Exported To Russia, Yemen,UK, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, India, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Congo, Zambia, Australia, The Philippines And Other Countries. At the same we established long term cooperation with a lot of domestic and foreign trade companies to known as the most stable supply factory on local China

        The Company Has Engaged In Years Of Professional Wear-Resistant Materials And Technical Personnel, The Company Supply High Chrome Ball, On The Basis Of Forged Products, And Independent Research And Development Of Impact Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Wear Resistance Particularly High ADI, The Product Has Not Broken, Without Losing A Round, Good Wear Resistance And Other Characteristics, Its Physical And Chemical Properties And Applications Indicators Have Exceeded The National Standard, The Company In 2005 Passed The China's Most Authoritative Chinese Quality Certification Center CQC-ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certification And Supervision Of The Provincial Quality Inspection Center Steel Materials Acceptance. "Gaosheng" Brand In 2006 Was Named China Enterprise Reform And Development Research Council Working Committee Cultivate Brand-Name "Chinese Famous Brand"; In 2008 Was Named The "Top 50 Enterprises In Anhui Casting"; In 2009 Was Named The Ningguo City Government "China's Wear-Resistant Castings Are Top Ten Enterprises"; In 2011 Was Named The China Foundry Association, "Chinese Foundry Industry Key Enterprises," And Repeatedly Provincial, And Municipal Departments As "Credible" Units, "Integrity Unit", "Product Quality Trustworthy" Units.

        The Company Now Has A "Utility Model Patents", "Patent" Fifteen, And In The Existing Facilities, After Numerous Tests Successfully Developed A New Generation Of Wear-Resistant Materials Required For Ball Equipment, The Main Products : Automatic Dual Extrusion Type DISA Production Line (The Main Production Diameter Less Than 40 Balls, Steel Forging), Automatic Iron Coated Sand Mold Casting Ball Production Line, Automatic Heat Treatment And Quenching, Tempering Production Line, Automatic Professional Heat ADI Production Line, Silencers Ball Forging Separate Machines. Thus Opening A New Chapter In The Wear-Resistant Materials And Equipment. China And Built A Full-Scale Production Equipment Wear-Resistant Materials Research And Development Base (The Base Is Located In The Provincial Ningguo Port Eco-Industrial Park, Covering 50 Acres, The Company Name: Anhui Ningguo LongSheng Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.), Specializing In The Production And Foreign Provide High, Medium And Low Chromium Casting Ball, Casting And Forging Production Equipment, And Provide Production Steel Balls, Steel Forging Technology And Cooperation.

        Companies In Good Faith, Friendship And Mutually Beneficial Principle, Depending On The Customers Needs, In Strict Accordance With The Certification Of Quality Standards To Manage The Enterprise, As Committed To "Gao Sheng" Brand Products Rooted In The Minds Of Customers And Make Unremitting Efforts And Hard Work!

        The Operating Concept: The Market Is More Important Than The Factory, Quality Is More Important Than Quantity, Talent Is More Important Than Money, Be More Stronger not just a Bigger enterprise .

        Company’s Quality Policy slogan: Regards Quality As The Fundamental, Technical Innovation As The Core, Standardized Management As A Means Of Customer Satisfaction As The Goal.




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        Address:Heli Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningguo, Anhui, China


        whatsapp:0086 18555256017


        Copyright Anhui Qasim Grinding Ball Group Technology Support: Time Network  辰光云統計平臺

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